Robin R Ryan Artwork

A Bit About Me and My Art From Hawaii

  I have painted most of my life.  I started in Southern California and have traveled and lived in many Southeast Asian countries throughout the years.  Many of the places in which I have resided such as Washington (San Juan Island and Orcas Island), central California (Morro Bay and Cayucos),
Solana Beach California and Santa Barbara, California have influenced my art.  California is where I acquired my education.  I have recently moved from the island of Oahu in Hawaii to Southern California.  I will be starting a new series of paintings of the California landscapes and seascapes.  

  Living in Hawaii taught me many things including the "Aloha Spirit", which still lives in the hearts of the people who live here.  There was much to see and learn living there, but mostly the beauty, the incredible light and the delicate balance that maintains the diversity of life there, all of which I found inspiring.   The beaches in Hawaii are so beautiful, it is hard not to become inspired.   The Hawaiian glow that appears in the mornings after a rain, bathes a room in color.  I loved those Hawaiian moments and used them in my paintings.

   Thank you for visiting my website, I hope you enjoy these paintings as much as I have enjoyed painting them.
  Robin R. Ryan

Original Oil on Canvas, 15"x 30"  Title: "Waimea Earlybirds"   Framed, $1,500.00

If you get there early enough on a summer morning, you will see the horizon disappear,  the sea and sky become one.  The sand has a glow and brilliance like nowhere else I've been.  Living in Hawaii has made me aware of the special lighting of the Hawaiian Islands.  Light has always fascinated me and Hawaii offers some amazing moments of light.  I hope to convey this in my paintings.

Title: "Untitiled Still-Life No. 1", Original Oil On Canvas Framed Triptych
Each Panel 15" x 30"    Price: US Dollar $1,900.00
Still Life No. 1 Triptych, 15
"Aweoweo  Beach Morning"
48" x 96" Oil On Canvas
Gallery Wrapped   Sold
"Secret Beach"
Original painting, oil on canvas , 5"x 7" 
Framed  $220.00
"Mamane Flowers"
Original painting, oil on canvas panel,   5"x 5"
Framed, $185.00
"Flowers of the Native Hawaiian Mint, Stenogyne Kamehamehae,"
Original painting, oil on canvas panel,   5"x 5", 
Framed,  $185.00
"One Morning In Canyon Lake Long Ago, No. 1"
21  3/4"  H X 35  1/2"  W
oil on canvas
Framed in Antique French style gilded frame.   
"One Morning In Canyon Lake Long Ago, No. 2"
22"  H X 35" W
Oil on canvas
Framed in Antique French style gilded frame.

"Forgotten Outrigger"
24" X 72" Oil on canvas
Gallery Wrapped Canvas
"Temecula Twilight After The Harvest"
24" X 72"
Acrylic on canvas
Gallery Wrapped Canvas.